About Me

I am a biologist and a programmer. I love learning and experimenting new things. In my opinion, games are the ultimate learning medium. So, I started making video games and pixel art as a hobby. Now, I am working full-time as an independent game developerI like games with mind-expanding elements. At present, I join game jams as much as I can.

-recent interests-
alchemy, ancient civilizations, cinema, consciousness, cosmic horror, cyberpunk, deep learning, endocannabinoid system, espionage, ethnic music, ethnobothany, fantasy, frp, human evolution, learning and memory, magic, martial arts, medieval combat, medieval history, mythology, occultism, penetration testing, political philosophy, psychopharmacology, psychoactive drugs, psychotic disorders, runes, shamanism, social amoeba and synthwave

Tria Prima (JamCraft 3) Submission

Bitsy Jam (One Room) Submission